The second day of THATCamp Reno will be dedicated to hands-on workshops. During the registration, you will have the chance to vote on the two you most wish to attend.

  • Intro to VR – Demo various VR formats/delivery methods as well as applications in academics, commercial, and gaming
  • Using 360 Video for Cultural Preservation – A hands-on workshop from concept to distribution of a 360 video. See the Reno Street Art Project as an example.
  • Intro to Photogrammetry – How to capture images and combine to create a 3D .obj file for Unity/VR.
  • Intro VR Workflow Using Unity – How to build a simple VR application in Unity and export to Vive or Oculus.
  • OpenRefine – Learn how to quickly tidy, normalize, and transform your data to meet your needs using this open source software.
  • Copyright – Learn about and discuss copyright and how it applies to the digital humanities.
  • Esri Story Mapping – Learn about this free software, including its capabilities and options, to curate and present your research or project.
  • BitCurator – Interested in learning how to safely rescue data locked away on an old disk or hard drive? This workshop will provide an introduction to forensic analysis using Bitcurator to capture and interpret the contents of legacy media. No prior experience required.
  • Voyant Tools – This workshop provides an introduction to text analysis (aka text mining) using Voyant Tools, an easy-to-use interface for exploring word frequencies, concordance networks, collocations, and other means of “distant reading” your texts and corpora. No prior experience expected. Please feel free to bring your own documents and collections to explore.